Im deleting the site


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Updates for November!

Hello its Bald peoples!

Im glad Christmas is coming soon and Im glad Coins for change is back too! Last year I was a non member so i only had 3500 coins but i donated all of it! So here are some updates for November!

The Dojo got hit by an Avalanche or something so people all over club penguin help shovel. The Grand Re opening was on the 14 to the 16th. The new Card-Jitsu game came out in the dojo… Sorry but i don’t know how to play yet but Go to the Sensey to find out. The catalog is coming out on the 21st.

See ya!! Bald peoples

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I Didnt lose my penguin!

Hi It’s Bald peoples

It turns out i didnt lose my penguin! I still have bald peoples so ya…

Shpee ya, Bald Peoples!

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Hey im back, My penguins name

Hey everyone, I see that you guys want this site updated so i am going to do that, the problem is is that my accounts, Bald peoples,Pink power18 and ace 37 can not be used because if your penguin isnt on in 30 days, you cant use them anymore so i need a new penguin.

I am going to let you guys decide what my penguin name should be and please dont make a silly name. Every one can say a name.(I will always be bald peoples on this site)

█ Bald peoples █

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Okay, heres the deal…

If you guys can comment more, I will update this site with the parties and all. I might not get everything because I may be busy at the time. The more comments I get, the more updates you’ll get. ( Wow, for some reason that kind of sounds like a motto) A simple comment saying “Okay.” to this topic would let me know if you still visit.

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POll #2

Hey everyone its Bald Peoples i just wanted to post aboust something  I know i have quit but do YOU think i should??

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Not Much To Say

Hey its Yoho! Sadly this blog has gone down alot and nobody visits this site anymore. Bald Peoples quit, comments are low. This is dead. Please advertise this as best as you can!

In other news I have added a user counter. It counts all the users that visited this site and it shows a tally of how many people from that country viewed it. Its pretty cool. Its on the widget under calender.

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